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town delivery

Town Delivery

1) Delivery around Kampala

Delivery price from UGX 5,000

CourieMate offers town delivery around Kampala!!
Quickly get a pricing quote for your package HERE by providing the distance and size/weight of your parcel.



Domestic Delivery

2) Deliver Across Uganda (135 districts)

Door-step Delivery price from UGX 8,000

CourieMate offers last mile delivery to all 135 districts across Uganda!!
Quickly get a pricing quote for your package HERE by providing the destination and size/weight of your parcel.


Check the costs

Delivery in Kampala (small parcel)

Quickly get a pricing quote by filling the distance and size/weight as below.

Please fill in coupon code in message section if you use the coupon.

Courier Delivery (Standard parcel: [weight] less than 15kg, [size] within 40cm* 40cm* 40cm)

Instead of filling in address, PlusCode (OLC: Open Location Code) is also available.

See detail OLC: https://plus.codes/6GGJ9J6C+RM



[terms and conditions]

  1. CourieMate’s liability in respect of any one delivery  is limited to the lower of the current market or declared value, or UGX 100,000 per delivery in domestic delivery.
  2. It is the rate for no fragile, delicate product and temperature control shipment.
  3. Volumetric weight or actual weight. The volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the length by the width by the depth of your shipments and the total divided by 5000.eg for a consignment with the dimensions 50 cm by 30 cm volumetric weight will be equal to (50*40*30)/5000 =12kg.
  4. In upcountry delivery, the delivery distance is within 5km radious from center of district. In case beyond 5km, it will charge separately.


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Plot8, Somero Road, Acacia, Kololo (after Kaboja Junior High School)