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WBPF Consultants LTD Service Privacy Policy

WBPF Consultants LTD (hereinafter referred to as  “we”, “us” or “our”) will strive to protect the privacy of customers by conducting lawful, fair and transparent handling of personal information, by ensuring accuracy, integrity, and recency of personal information, and by implementing appropriate security measures, in accordance with this WBPF Consultants LTD Service Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “this Privacy Policy”) and the laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information.

This Privacy Policy applies to the handling of personal information of customers  (hereinafter referred to as “you”) who use the services such as application, system, products, content, etc. provided on CourieMate (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Services”). Reading this Privacy Policy will deepen your understanding with respect to the protection of your privacy.

Information We Collect About You

1. In offering the Services, we handle the following customer’s data (hereinafter referred to as “your data”). Your data may include your personal information and other information created or accumulated in relation to the use of the Services.  

  1. Information that you registered in connection with the use of Services(name, address, phone number, email address, gender, age, tax identification number, etc.)
  2. Information provided when you make inquiries about the Services (name, content of inquiry, contact information, etc.) 
  3. Information uploaded when using the Services
  4. Usage history of the Services, operation log
  5. Information about your device (location information, cookie information, model name, OS version, country code, carrier code, etc.)
  6. Other information related to an individual that is obtained or derived in order to achieve the purpose of use.”
  7. Information on categories for which we provide separate notice.

2. The following are the methods with which we collect your data 

  1. Collect directly from you through devices we provide or written documents 
  2. Collect your data from your devices
  3. Collect your data from another service, based on your consent 

Purpose of Use

We may use your data for the following purposes. And it may be used for the following purposes in combination with the information we obtained separately.

  1. To perform and provide the Services (including supplemental and related services)
  2. To respond to inquiries, requests and complaints.
  3. To improve the Services or create new service.
  4. To research and analyze the use of the Services.
  5. For direct marketing analysis and offers in relation to us, our business partners and related companies. 
  6. To operate, manage for events and campaigns of us, our business partners and related companies.
  7. To provide various information for events and campaigns of us, our business partners and related companies.
  8. To provide information on services of us, our business partners and related companies.
  9. To ensure safety of provision of the Services.
  10. For protection and safety of property and rights.
  11. To comply with laws, regulations, and other rules
  12. To take security measures, such as access control and log acquisition
  13. For purposes of use for which separate notice is provided upon obtainment of the personal information in question
  14. For other purposes permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

Sharing Your Data

We may share your data with third parties including our business partners, related companies and contractors to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use. Regardless of the purpose of use, your data may be converted into a data that cannot be identified by individuals, and then shared with third parties as statistical or aggregated data with your consent. 

In addition, in order to provide the Services that utilize location information, your location information may be provided to the provider of the map application

International Personal Information Transfer

As we achieve the purpose of use, we may transfer your personal information to other countries or regions. When transferring your personal information to other countries or regions, we will take appropriate measures to ensure protection of your data, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

1. You can correct a part of your personal information on the Services.

2. If you wish to correct or delete other your personal information, please contact us through email to [email protected]. We will respond sincerely and appropriately to your request within seven days of such request.

3. If your request is not complied with, we shall communicate the reasons for non-compliance within seven days of receipt of your request.

4. Please note that some or all your personal information is necessary to fulfill the obligations of applicable laws and regulation and/or provide the Service properly and may be retained.

Storage of Personal Information

1. We store your personal information for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of use, or the period necessary to fulfill the obligations of applicable laws and regulations.

2. As required by applicable laws and regulations, we shall not retain any personal data for any longer than is necessary in light of the purpose for which that data is collected, held, and processed. Different types of personal data, used for different purposes, will necessarily be retained for different periods (and its retention periodically reviewed), as set out below .

3. When establishing and/or reviewing retention periods, the following shall be taken into account:

  1. Our objectives and requirements;
  2. The type of personal data in question;
  3. The purpose(s) for which the data in question is collected, held, and processed;
  4. Our legal basis for collecting, holding, and processing that data; and 
  5. The category or categories of data subject to whom the data relates.

4. If a precise retention period cannot be fixed for a particular type of data, criteria shall be established by which the retention of the data will be determined, thereby ensuring that the data in question, and the retention of that data, can be regularly reviewed against those criteria.

5. Notwithstanding the defined retention periods, certain personal data may be deleted or otherwise disposed of prior to the expiry of its defined retention period where a decision is made by us to do so (whether in response to a request by you or otherwise).

6. In limited circumstances, it may also be necessary to retain personal data for longer periods where such retention is for archiving purposes that are in the public interest, for scientific or historical research purposes, or for statistical purposes. All such retention will be subject to the implementation of appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the rights and freedoms of data subjects, as required by the applicable laws and regulations

Your Choice

In principle, you will have a choice whether to provide information to us.

However, when you use the Services, if you don’t provide your data, you may not be able to use the Services, or some of the functions of the Services may not work properly.


1. Our websites may generate cookies and other similar technologies. We may analyze your usage of the website such as access status, traffic, and routing for improving this website, and for planning, developing, and improving the Services. In this analysis, the information may be provided to the analysis tool providers.

2. You have the right to refuse or accept cookies from this website at any time by activating settings on your browser. Information about the procedure to follow in order to enable or disable cookies can be found on your Internet browser provider’s website via your help screen. Please be aware that if cookies are disabled, not all features of this website may operate as intended.


1. We have established a management structure for protecting personal information to prevent unauthorized access to your data, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc.

2. We take appropriate organizational, physical and technical safety measures.

3. We recognize the importance of protecting personal information and take appropriate measures for employees who handle personal information such as giving for training/education to protect personal information.

4. If any accident such as leakage of personal information occurs, we will immediately inform the National Information Technology Authority – Uganda (NITA-U) and additionally appropriately respond to it by investigating all facts and the cause, and take measures to prevent secondary damage and reoccurrence, etc. 

Complaints Handling

1. You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data based on legitimate interests, direct marketing (including profiling), and processing for scientific and/or historical research and statistics purposes. Where you object to our processing of your personal data based on its legitimate interests, we shall cease such processing immediately, unless it can be demonstrated that we have legitimate grounds for such processing, overriding your interests, rights, and freedoms, or that the processing is necessary for the conduct of legal claims.

2. Where you object to our processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, we shall cease such processing immediately.

3. Where you object to our processing of your personal data for scientific and/or historical research and statistics purposes, you must, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, “demonstrate grounds relating to his or her particular situation”. We are not required to comply if the research is necessary for the performance of a task carried out for reasons of public interest.

4. You may request that we cease processing the personal data we hold about you. If you make such a request, we shall retain only the amount of personal data concerning you (if any) that is necessary to ensure that the personal data in question is not processed further.

5. In the event that any affected personal data has been disclosed to third parties, those parties shall be informed of the applicable restrictions on processing it (unless it is impossible or would require disproportionate effort to do so).

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Plot 2, Upper Naguru East Road, Naguru, Kampala, Uganda

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Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may change, modify, add, or delete the contents of this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to comply with changes in business purposes. 
Any changes we make to this Privacy Policy will be notified through the Services.

Governing Language

English shall be the governing language of this Privacy Policy. Any version in any other language is for convenience purpose only.

Prescribed on 22 September, 2021